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Sapa Lung Khau Nhin Market Lao Cai

Sapa Lung Khau Nhin Market Lao Cai

Lung Khau Nhin is small market but still keeps its originals. The Flower H'mong and Black Dao people will come to this market on every Thursday and bring a lot of things to exchange and sell.
Although not being so big or famous among visitors as Coc Ly, Bac Ha, hau Nhin market, beside a normal shopping place, play an important role to spiritual life of local ethnic peoples Flower H'mong, Black Zao, Zay, and especially to those who come from very small ethnic groups such as Pa Zi, Tou Zi, Tou Lao who live in small and isolated villages around this corner of the country, come for meeting, socializing...
Walk from section to sections, corner to coerners, seeing and smelling of different local products such as: spices, vegetable, farming tools, handicraft...meeting smiling peoples everywhere.Lung Khau Nhin brings an interesting view into the life of Vietnam hill tribes.
It is very ideal when driving toward the market in the early morning via the beautiful beautiful landscape of North west region.

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