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Ban Pho Village Lao Cai

Ban Pho Village Lao Cai

The Hmong villagers are some of the kindest people you'll meet in Vietnam. Moreover , these villages are very beautiful ,and Ban Ho is one of these villages. Especially Ban Pho is very famous for its specialty "corn wine".
Location: Ban Pho is a 7 km return trip from Bac Ha.
Located near the town of Bac Ha district, commune Ban fo village is located on a mountain cliff. From a distance, the roof like the hanging nests on cliffs. It almost looks, but to be there, the traveler must also reverse slope for sweating. Ban fo village is famous ancient populations of Mongolia Bac Ha. Under Fire Mandarin – the language of a common ethnic group on the northern border strip, the word "city" refers to the concentration of population and restaurants, even a small restaurant. Ban fo village now has nearly 500 households, of which 99% are from Mongolia. In addition to agricultural life like any other rural areas, Ban fo village has something unique handmade products, has a reputation in both domestic and international friends, it is a product of alcohol.
Ban_Pho_VillageComing to Ban Pho, tourist enjoy the wonderful sightseeing of Bac Ha highland. Moreover, tourists will be attracted by specialties of ethnic people here such as "thang co" – a mixture of all parts of horses, ox, buffalo, pig, especially corn wine in Ban pho. Ethnic people here are very proud of corn wine.
If you want to see what a real Montagnard village looks like, Coming to Ban pho village is your chance. The villagers live simply – don't expect bright lights and loud music. Indeed, don't even expect electricity. What the lack in material possessions, they make up for in their extreme hospitality. The Hmong villagers are some of the kindest people you'll meet in Vietnam. If you visit around noon you may be to invited to lunch, though that can be a mixed blessing

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