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Muong Hum Mountain City Lao Cai

Muong Hum Mountain City Lao Cai

45km in the northwest of Lao Cai city, passing over the complex of Muong Vi caves and grottoes and Xeo village, you will see a range of imposing mountains surrounded by clouds. That hill crossing road will lead you to Muong Hum mountain city.
Although a modern life has brought new gusts of wind to Muong Hum mountain city but it is still maintains traditional lifestyle, custom of receiving guests and religious cultural life. Travelers will be warmed welcomed and invited to have a familiar meal and a cup of heart- warming wine. On Tet holidays, Roong Pooc festival, grave- visiting festival, death pardon day or feast for good harvest, all families in Muong Hum mountain city often invites each other to have a simple meal with salted vegetable, duck, pork or dry buffalo meat and beef with cabbage.
Muong Hum market opens every Sunday. That is a place of meeting, exchanging and attaching relationship among different villages and people. To attend kermis, people in remote regions go to the market one day prior to its opening and gather in inns. The elderly gather in one place and talk about everything. Youths talk confidently. And many young couples have become husband and wife.

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