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Terraced rice fields Sapa Lao Cai

Terraced rice fields Sapa Lao Cai

Terraced rice fields are located in the northern mountainous provinces. Due to the steep feature, fertile soil thanks to it was created by weathered granite rock and mountain cliffs often stock water, local ethnic minority people can grow rice and establish terraced rice fields, one after another, from the foot to nearly top of mountains. Generations to generations of these people have made terraced rice fields as we see today.
When being seen from afar, the terraced rice fields look like a picture of nature with heart- catching beauty keeping tourists to stay for admiration for a while. This picture however has its colour changed seasonally, exhibiting its most alluring charm when the new crop begins, green rice grows and the field is lush with ripening rice.
As usual in April and May when the local people water their fields at full to prepare for a new crop, the surface of terraced fields shines like a mirror reflecting the contrast of the reddish brown of soil, the deep blue of the sky high above and the green of surrounding forests. Embankments surrounding these terraces look like threads softly lined by the painter.
In June and July, the terraced rice fields with fully-grown paddy rice and forest trees spread the green out to the entire area, from the foot to top of mountains, before disappearing in mist. The green of paddy rice grown on the terraced field makes tourists think of it as a hand-made creation of uniqueness which cannot be found anywhere else.
Terraced rice fields sapa
In September and October when autumn ends, tourists can feel prosperity all over the area as rice in all terraced fields is ripe, giving the gold colour. During the time, the terraced rice fields look like golden silk scarves flying over in the wind above green mountain slopes, making the mountainous landscape astonishingly beautiful.
Striking terraced rice fields coupled with distinctive cultural practices of local ethnic minority groups have created the uniqueness of the northern mountainous area.
The tourists can visit some famous terraced rice fields in the northern mountainous area such as: terraced rice fields in Sa Pa (Lao Cai Province) were voted as one of seven most beautiful and impressive terraced rice fields of Asia and the world by readers of American magazine named Travel and Leisure, terraced rice fields in Mu Chang Chai (Yen Bai Province) were recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as national heritage in 2007, terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang Province)...

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