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Hanoi Taxi and Car rental Hanoi Travel Guide

Hanoi Taxi and Car rental Hanoi Travel Guide

When you arrived at Noi Bai international airport, you should take caution of the airport taxi service since they might rip you off 10 times the actual amount. Since the airport taxi companies in Noi Bai airport are monopolizing, therefore, the normal price is 315.000 VND (5 seater cars) and 345.000 VND (8 seater cars).
However, when you get out of the security gate, you can walk to the second floor and get any taxi there cheaper. You pay no more than 200.000 VND for the ride to Ha Noi. Remember to negotiate with the taxi before you get in their car to ensure the price is fixed. If you are not in the mood for negotiation, you can call or pre-book with a local transfer service. They will do the negotiation for you and their service is completely free.

Just to add...  scammed in central Hanoi with a 'Hanoi Taxis' firm (recommended by asuper trust-worthy hotel!)... they saw how jet-lagged the passengers were and added a zero! Being very very 'tired and emotional' and not being up for a shouting match, we paid up. A firm called 'Mai Linh' does not seem to rip you off, ever. Their taxis are distinctive bright green and their drivers wear green ties. Beware, though, of copy cats!!! 

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