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Ha Long Cruises Infomation - Halong Image Cruise

Add : Tuan Chau Wharf

Type : Superior

Range : 3 Star 

Tour : 3 Days / 2 Days

Rate from : 00 USD

About Halong Bay Image Cruise :

Area : Halong Bay Vietnam
Cruise type : Superior cruises
Cabins : 5 boats
Image Halong Cruise 2 Days 1 Night
Image Halong Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights

Offering a luxurious cruise experience in Halong Bay, our 5-boats fleet will take you for a tremendous discovery, offering the best program for visiting and enjoying the bay's natural wonders.With five different boats providing 9 to 11 double cabins, ranging from 12m2 to wider spaces, our fleet's luxurious settings will be yours for the whole length of your stay on board, and our friendly and well trained crew will answer each of your requests to make your stay on board a warm experience. Our restaurant is opened to serve you from breakfast to lunch and dinner, in a mix of Western and Vietnamese fine cooking, while the wide upper sundeck allows you to contemplate sunset while sipping an aperitif. State-of-the art security conditions are our guaranty for an unforgettable journey.


Spa & wellness on Halong Image Cruise :

Vietnam has a long tradition of massage that took its roots out of local religious beliefs and ancient traditional medicine. The Vietnamese believe that health is in harmony with the body, mind and spirit. The concept of balance as expressed through Yin and Yang is part of a Vietnamese treatment, mixed with traditional techniques such as mud bath or facials.

Image Halong thrives providing an impeccable combination of traditional Vietnamese herbal remedies and all the present natural beauty products, to bring you a pleasant experience of peacefulness and happiness.


Tai Chi on Halong Image Cruise :

An ultimate experience you may always have dreamt of: waking up early amidst Halong Bay and practicing a Tai Chi session on the sun deck at dawn, while the Natural Wonder around you is slowly waking up! Ideal for your body balance and rejuvenation, and a proven technique to reduce stress and enhance your psychological health.


Beverage Packages on Halong Image Cruise :

Image Halong's restaurants and bars offer you a comprehensive list of refreshing drinks ranging from non-alcoholic drinks to spirits: soft drinks such as mineral water, fresh fruit juices and sodas; beer bottles and cans or draught beer; imported wines' list; a menu of spirits such as vodka, gin and rum; and cocktails too.

Soft drinks and draught beer
Soft drinks, draught beer and house wine
Any 2 drinks from soft drinks, draught beer and mineral water
One shot of a pouring brand (Gin, Whisky, Vodka and Rum) plus a mixer

Cocktails And Canapés Packages

Different packages are available, combining alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails together with delicious Western and Asian finger food, making your aperitif on the Bay an authentic pleasure: potato chips, nuts, olives, quiche and pizza, Asian sandwiches, and sweet Vietnamese desserts too

1 Glass of pre-dinner alcoholic or non-alcoholic fruit cocktail
1 hour cocktails limited to alcoholic and non alcoholic fruit cocktail with chips, nuts and olives
Canapés, 2 pieces of finger sandwiches, 1 piece of quiche or pizza, 2 pieces of dessert
International cocktails, 3 pieces of canapés, 3 pieces of hot savories, 3 pieces of dessert

With five different boats providing 9, to 11 double cabins, ranging from 12m2 to wider spaces


Equipment on Halong Image Cruise :
Private bathroom with hot water, hair-dryer, and all amenities ,Individually controlled air-conditioning ,Mosquito net ,Mini bar ,Complimentary drinking water
State-of-the-art security devices, including in-room oxygen tubs


Kayaking on Halong Image Cruise :

Probably the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay while emphasizing on one's feeling of freedom amidst a Natural Wonder. Thanks to the bay's thousands of islands the conditions for sea kayaking are ideal – the water is calm, the current is fine and the wind is not too strong. Paddle through islets; visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages; and meet smiling local fishermen.


Fishing on Halong Image Cruise :

Image Halong opens for you two different kinds of fishing experience. Either go fishing with local fishermen around their floating small villages, a unique opportunity for feeling and meeting the authentic local way of living; or stay on board the vessel and try your best to catch a fish while relaxing on the sun deck: your chance may come too.

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