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Hanoi Moc Chau Son La Car Rental Service


Hanoi Moc Chau Son La Car Rental Service , Rent a Car from Hanoi to Moc Chau , Hanoi Moc Chau Car Rental , Moc Chau Son La Car Hire , Hire a Car from Hanoi to Moc Chau Son La


It is not overconfident to state that MocChau is the greatest resource for Son La'sand North-western Vietnam's tourism. Among all the special characteristics of the highland, the most precious resource of Moc Chau is its climate. This land has an annual average temperature of 20oC and a much more favorable winter compared to other parts of the region. The most typical tourism activity in MocChau is sightseeing. Indeed, there are hundreds of natural sites that can take your breath away. In addition, the highland's collection of traditional festivals is another thing that attracts tourists from all over the country. Some of the places to check out are: Son Moc Huong Cave, Chien Vien Pagoda, Dai Yem Waterfall, Phieng Luong Peak, endless pine forests, and the villages of the Dao ethnic groups. The music of ethnic people spreads all over the highland while the delicious traditional dishes and the local souvenirs enchant the tourists.


Hanoi - Moc Chau Car Rental Rate :


Transport Type 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
4 Seats Car 75 USD 105 USD 155 USD
7 Seats Car 85 USD 115 USD 165 USD 
16 Seats Van 105 USD 135 USD 185 USD 
29 Seats Bus 145 USD 185 USD 245 USD 
35 Seats Bus 175 USD 215 USD 275 USD
45 Seats Bus 250 USD 290USD 350 USD


Hanoi - Moc Chau Car Rent Included :
Profesional driver (English speaking driver on requested)
All toll fee , parking fee
Petro fee using


How to book a car for Hanoi - Moc Chau Son La :
Email , call , whatsapp , vibber, wechat ... for enquiry
Confirm type of transport and rate
Provide your fullname , phone number ,hotel name & address
Deposit 10% in advance by bank transfer , credit card , paypal or western union
Using service for Hanoi - Moc Chau Son La
Settle 90% of payment at the end of the day

Online Support 


Hotline :+84.973.952.113 

(WhatsApp , Viber , SMS , Call)


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